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2SexyContent 5.0 beta with standardized API and much more

We’re really excited! We just published 2SexyContent 5.0 beta with some really great features. Actually too much to list all, so just the initial basics:

  1. Foremost: Standardized, documented API, so that all coding with 2SexyContent-Data will look and feel the same – in [Tokens], @Razor and…drumroll…JavaScript 🙂
  2. Freaky-cool DataSource and Pipelining system, so that you can configure data retrieval, filtering, sorting and more just by configuration and without any code whatsoever. This will promote more no-code solutions that don’t risk server stability and don’t need extra modules to be installed just to achieve that neat gallery/news/whatever effect.
  3. …and the Pipeline-Configuration will be by drag-and-drop 🙂 really awesome, kind of like Yahoo-Pipes!
  4. …and the Pipeline goes all the way from the backend to the template and to javascript. So it’s a seamless data selection, filter/sort, join/merge, cache and delivery mechanism all the way to the JavaScript-API. We’re really proud of this feature 🙂
  5. …and the Pipeline is itself configured using a recursive Token-System. I can’t tell you more about this yet, it doesn’t quite work yet, but it’s a beta – und know that it will work, and it will be good.
  6. Crazy caching: after an initial load, all requests will not require any database access at all.

Just so you know: it’s already in production on a customer website, and the result rocks! Details will follow…

Want to see some documentation – visit http://2sexycontent.org/Documentation/RazorJSAPI.aspx or download – visit https://sexycontent.codeplex.com/releases/view/105604

Yours truly,
Daniel, Raphael, Benjamin


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