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Let’s get some SQL data in a DNN-Razor View

Let’s get some SQL data in a DNN-Razor View

Razor is the future for most output-oriented .net stuff. This also applies to WinForms-based CMS like DNN. But fortunately, they got it right and added Razor-Support about 2 years ago. In my opinion, this is something that most people haven’t figured out yet – partially because they can’t find the code-snippets to help them. So here goes: all […]

New Razor Training Videos for 2SexyContent for DNN

I finally found some time to create some new Razor training videos. Explains Razor basics, using Lists and more. It’s all published here http://2sexycontent.org/en-us/learn.aspx with demo code. Enjoy :)!

2SexyContent 5.0 beta with standardized API and much more

We’re really excited! We just published 2SexyContent 5.0 beta with some really great features. Actually too much to list all, so just the initial basics: Foremost: Standardized, documented API, so that all coding with 2SexyContent-Data will look and feel the same – in [Tokens], @Razor and…drumroll…JavaScript 🙂 Freaky-cool DataSource and Pipelining system, so that you can […]

DotNetNuke 7.0 Mobile Strategies – man lernt nie aus

Ich lerne nie aus :). Vor zwei Wochen dachte ich noch, alles zu wissen was es zu DotNetNuke Mobile zu wissen gibt. Und dann durfte ich einen Vortrag vorbereiten für die DotNetNuke 7.0 Party in Zürich, und musste feststellen, dass sich alles wieder geändert hatte! Eigentlich ein Frust – und doch nicht. Denn alles, was […]

2SexyContent with Lists and QuickMenu

A big day for 2SexyContent – Version 3.0 Beta is out, with two features that will revolutionize the handling – again 🙂 The first feature is called Fast Toolbars It works for @Razor and [Tokens]. It creates fast, hovering menus that appear directly above the items that you want to edit – like this: To […]

2SexyContent for DotNetNuke needs an own Installer

We just released an own installer-module just to install 2SexyContent. This actually sucks, but might serve as a template for others. The reason we did this, is because 2SexyContent needs – among other things – ASP.net 4.0. And the installation Packages of DotNetNuke don’t allow you to handle this nicely. So if a user doesn’t […]

Screen-Cast für 2Sexy-Content, zeigt das Backend und Einstieg in das Tool

Deutsch: Habe noch ein Screen-Cast erstellt, welches das Backend zeigt und alles grob erklärt. Denke das ist ideal für den Webdesigner und Gestalter, der mehr mit 2Sexy Content arbeiten wird. English: Just created another screen-cast showing the back end and roughly explaining the features. Probably the fastest way to get started with 2Sexy Content. http://2sexycontent.org/Introduction/Videos/BackEndforDesigners.aspx