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Syntax Highlighter – There’s a No-Code App for that!

This Blog is about 2 things. On one hand it’s about Syntax-Highlighting, but actually it’s more about creating safe No-Server-Code-Apps.

Part 1: Syntax Highlighting

I recent Blog-Post by Peter Donker called Strong Typing Your Settings on the DNN-Connect inspired me to this. Basically we often want to show a bit of code to help people get something to work, but then…

…the WYSIWYG f***s it up :(.

If you read my post #3 on Responsive/Mobile about The Good Death of WYSIWYG, you’ll know that I’ve had my bad times with the not-so-great WYSIWYG and that I’m glad it will become a relict soon – thanks to responsive websites which cannot „responsively“ handle WYSIWYG content.

So Peter had all these nice code-snippets in his blog, and they looked really nice – thanks to a open-source JS called SyntaxHighlighter. It looked like this: weiterlesen »

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„Check Out & Open“ Dialog beim Öffnen von PDFs im SharePoint deaktivieren

Beim Öffnen von PDF Dateien aus SharePoint erscheint ein Dialog, ob das Dokument ausgecheckt werden soll (seit Adobe Reader Version 10). Meistens werden PDFs nur im Lesemodus benötigt, deshalb ist es insbesondere störend, dass „Check Out & Open“ der Standard-Button ist statt „Open“.

Seit Abode Reader Version 10.1 kann diese Funktion in der Windows Registry deaktiviert werden. weiterlesen »

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SharePoint 2013 Kontaktliste mit Fotos erweitern

SharePoint Kontaktlisten können per Mausklick im Outlook angezeigt werden. Dort kann auch für jeden Kontakt ein Foto hinterlegt und gespeichert werden, jedoch erscheint dieses auf der SharePoint Website überall nur als Attachment ohne Bildvorschau. Dank JS Link bzw. JavaScript kann dies im Browser sehr leicht angezeigt werden. Das Resultat sieht dann so aus:

Resultat mit JS Link in der Listenansicht

Resultat mit JS Link in der Listenansicht

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Let’s get some SQL data in a DNN-Razor View

Razor is the future for most output-oriented .net stuff. This also applies to WinForms-based CMS like DNN. But fortunately, they got it right and added Razor-Support about 2 years ago. In my opinion, this is something that most people haven’t figured out yet – partially because they can’t find the code-snippets to help them. So here goes: all the ways you could use to access SQL-data directly from Razor without pre-compiling something.
So no Entity-Framework or similar. The five options we’ll review are:

  1. Fastest code: using a simple SQL-Reader
  2. A bit more comfy: using a DataTable
  3. With typed POCOs: using PetaPoco
  4. Nicest: using 2SexyContent DataPipelines (SqlDataSource)
  5. Nicest but with more complexity if needed: using 2SexyContent DataPipelines with manual data (DataTableDataSource)

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Responsive/Mobile Web Solutions with DNN – #3 The Good Death of WYSIWYG

Remember the old days when we pretended we had What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get? Right now I’m writing this blog on the Telerik-editor built into DNN and it’s terrible.

There are a zillion bugs – like hitting backspace at the beginning of a paragraph will reformat my text (no joke). I had forgotten how bad it is, because we barely use the WYSIWYG nowadays – and you too will soon stop using it. If we’re totally honest with ourselves, it never worked – and now it’s clear that it never will work.  weiterlesen »

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Google Tag Manager (GTM) – There’s an App for that :)

This is a follow up to my previous blog post how to integrate Google Tag Manager (GTM) into DNN. The post had about 150 reads so I believe there’s a need for a packaged App.

Now that we can create simple Apps within minutes, it’s much easier to distribute such simple functionality.

So I created a Google Tag Manager App, just for you 🙂 weiterlesen »

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How we created and packaged a highly functional DNN App in exactly 10 Minutes

The concept of DNN Modules has many weaknesses. What we dislike most (and just fixed) are things like… weiterlesen »

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Responsive/Mobile Web Solutions with DNN – #2 Responsive vs. Adaptive

Your core mobile-implementation strategy sets strong restrictions as to what you can do and what not. So before we start tackling each issue (like responsive tables), we must decide what strategy to pursue.

Fortunately, this is very easy: Responsive strategies beat Adaptive strategies in about 99% of all cases. If you’ve been influenced by Microsoft these last 10 years, you may still believe in Adaptive strategies, but even Microsoft seems to find their way, judging by the new presentations of Universal Apps. weiterlesen »

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Responsive/Mobile web solutions with DNN – #1 Overview

Many people believe they can create a responsive website simply by downloading a responsive skin. This is like creating a great present simply by buying the right gift-wrapping – it barely scratches the surface.

This is part 1 of (tbd) of my special responsive/mobile series for creating professional, good looking, mobile-ready responsive web sites, which are also Retina optimized. In this series we’ll look at the process, concepts, planning, implementation, common standards, DNN tools and technologies. I always work holistically, so well look at the process from the perspective of the owner, the visual designer, the web designer, future content editors and the end user 🙂 weiterlesen »

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Integrating the Google Tag Manager (GTM) into DNN

Google has an awesome scripts-management engine called GTM (Google Tag Manager). Though it talks about managing tags, in reality it actually manages script-integration. Particularly Google-scripts (like Adwords and tracking stuff), but also jQuery and similar. weiterlesen »