Responsive/Mobile web solutions with DNN – #1 Overview

Many people believe they can create a responsive website simply by downloading a responsive skin. This is like creating a great present simply by buying the right gift-wrapping – it barely scratches the surface. This is part 1 of (tbd) of my special responsive/mobile series for creating professional, good looking, mobile-ready responsive web sites, which […]

Integrating the Google Tag Manager (GTM) into DNN

Integrating the Google Tag Manager (GTM) into DNN

Google has an awesome scripts-management engine called GTM (Google Tag Manager). Though it talks about managing tags, in reality it actually manages script-integration. Particularly Google-scripts (like Adwords and tracking stuff), but also jQuery and similar.

2SexyContent Training for using the new JavaScript and JSON API

I just finished my video and code-samples for the JS-API. I believe it will really help you get started, so dig in! Hope you love it! Daniel / iJungleboy

New Razor Training Videos for 2SexyContent for DNN

I finally found some time to create some new Razor training videos. Explains Razor basics, using Lists and more. It’s all published here with demo code. Enjoy :)!

Getting started with the new thumbnailer in 2SexyContent 5.3

When installing 2SexyContent 5.3 (or newer), the ImageResizer from is automatically installed. ImageResizer is a very powerful set of image tools that allows you to resize images by just adding some parameters to the image url. Basic usage Every image in your DotNetNuke website is ready for getting resized or cropped. Just add the […]

DotNetNuke 7.1 CTP

Seit Gestern ist die CTP (Community Technology Preview) von DotNetNuke 7.1 zum Download freigeben. Hier ein kurzer Überblick über die wichtigsten Features. 1. Verbesserte URLs / SEO Neu kann die Website komplett ohne die .aspx Endung betrieben werden. Ausserdem werden Abstände im Seitenname (z.b. Über Uns) jetzt auch in der URL berücksichtigt. Früher: Heute: […]

2SexyContent 5.0 beta with standardized API and much more

We’re really excited! We just published 2SexyContent 5.0 beta with some really great features. Actually too much to list all, so just the initial basics: Foremost: Standardized, documented API, so that all coding with 2SexyContent-Data will look and feel the same – in [Tokens], @Razor and…drumroll…JavaScript 🙂 Freaky-cool DataSource and Pipelining system, so that you can […]