New Razor Training Videos for 2SexyContent for DNN

I finally found some time to create some new Razor training videos. Explains Razor basics, using Lists and more. It’s all published here http://2sexycontent.org/en-us/learn.aspx with demo code. Enjoy :)!

Getting started with the new thumbnailer in 2SexyContent 5.3

When installing 2SexyContent 5.3 (or newer), the ImageResizer from imageresizing.net is automatically installed. ImageResizer is a very powerful set of image tools that allows you to resize images by just adding some parameters to the image url. Basic usage Every image in your DotNetNuke website is ready for getting resized or cropped. Just add the […]

2SexyContent 5.0 beta with standardized API and much more

We’re really excited! We just published 2SexyContent 5.0 beta with some really great features. Actually too much to list all, so just the initial basics: Foremost: Standardized, documented API, so that all coding with 2SexyContent-Data will look and feel the same – in [Tokens], @Razor and…drumroll…JavaScript 🙂 Freaky-cool DataSource and Pipelining system, so that you can […]

Finishing the 2SexyContent 5.0 API

We’re living in exciting times :). After publishing our open source DotNetNuke module 2SexyContent 4.0 Beta with multil-language support (in a way we believe surpasses everything available out there :)), we’re now developing our standadized API, so that C# and JavaScript developers alike will be able to leverage 2SexyContent for their needs. When that is […]

2SexyContent with Lists and QuickMenu

A big day for 2SexyContent – Version 3.0 Beta is out, with two features that will revolutionize the handling – again 🙂 The first feature is called Fast Toolbars It works for @Razor and [Tokens]. It creates fast, hovering menus that appear directly above the items that you want to edit – like this: To […]

2SexyContent for DotNetNuke needs an own Installer

We just released an own installer-module just to install 2SexyContent. This actually sucks, but might serve as a template for others. The reason we did this, is because 2SexyContent needs – among other things – ASP.net 4.0. And the installation Packages of DotNetNuke don’t allow you to handle this nicely. So if a user doesn’t […]

MVC for DotNetNuke is possible and easy using 2SexyContent

So I would like to share some of my thoughts on MVC, why it doesn’t do what most people think it does, and why the parts of it that make sense, can be easily implemented using our open source extension 2SexyContent. So what is ASP.net MVC, and what not ASP.net MVC is about separating content […]

Finally: 2SexyContent 2.0 is live and out of the box!

I’m really psyched! Finally it’s out. A huuuuuge thanks to Raphael and Benjamin who developed everything :). Please, test it, use it, have fun and give us feedback 🙂 More Informations: http://www.2sexycontent.org 🙂 Many thanks from all of us Daniel & the 2sic Team

Best Content-Editor User Experience Video für 2Sexy Content

2Sexy Content in der Version 2.0 bietet so viele Neuerungen – aber alle sind auf ein Ziel gerichtet: einfaches Content-Editing. Ich habe dazu ein Video und 2 Screen-Casts aufgenommen (macht Spass mit dem neuen Equipment :)) – hier: http://2sexycontent.org/Introduction/Videos/EditorUserExprience.aspx

Last changes under way…

We’re currently just finishing 2Sexy Content 2.0 beta. We should be done end of week, and then need another 2-3 days to test it w/some volunteers. Until then, nobody should know about the new site :).