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Finishing the 2SexyContent 5.0 API

We’re living in exciting times :).

After publishing our open source DotNetNuke module 2SexyContent 4.0 Beta with multil-language support (in a way we believe surpasses everything available out there :)), we’re now developing our standadized API, so that C# and JavaScript developers alike will be able to leverage 2SexyContent for their needs.

When that is done, we’ll publish all of it ASAP – time scope is 1 week from now. If anybody has some final input – especially if you’ve published your own API and made hugh mistakes we shouldn’t imitate – please drop me a note!

Just fyi, our goals for the API are:

  1. Lightweight and easy to understand
  2. Read-Only API
  3. For Razor and JavaScript
  4. Interface-based, so that implementations can change
  5. Stable, so that developers trusting 2SexyContent can rely on their tool working in the future – as long as they stick to the API

Daniel Mettler and the 2sic geeks

PS: In the meantime, we’ll publish 4.0.4 as stable, because it will take another while till 5.0 is ready.


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Missionary Kid, Entrepreneur, Software Developer, DotNetNukeer, SharePoint-Fanatic and InfoPath-Lover.

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