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2SexyContent for DotNetNuke needs an own Installer

We just released an own installer-module just to install 2SexyContent. This actually sucks, but might serve as a template for others. The reason we did this, is because 2SexyContent needs – among other things – ASP.net 4.0. And the installation Packages of DotNetNuke don’t allow you to handle this nicely. So if a user doesn’t have ASP.net 4.0, the package will simply fail to install with a simple error text (that we cannot change) saying something is missing. This sucks, and is pretty useless.

So what we did is as follows

  1. Created a module whose only job it is to install 2SexyContent – you can find it here https://2sexycontentinstall.codeplex.com/
  2. This module retrieves an XML-Configuration file from our server, to find out the current package version, what requirements it has etc.
  3. Then it runs a few tests and tells the user what he must do to get it to work
  4. When everything is ready, it downloads the package from CodePlex and installs it automatically
  5. After everything works, it also recommends a few „Getting-Started“ steps

Love it / hate it? We would love to hear your feedback.

Yours Truly
Daniel, Raphael, Benjamin


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Missionary Kid, Entrepreneur, Software Developer, DotNetNukeer, SharePoint-Fanatic and InfoPath-Lover.

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  1. „Patience and perserverance will accomplish more in this world than a brilliant dash. Remember that when something goes wrong.“ – Dale Carnegie

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